Corporate Social Responsibility

My dissertation discussed how corporate social responsibility (CSR) is realized and practiced in large transnational corporations. In the first research chapter of my dissertation, which is currently in the process of revise and resubmit in Environmental Sociology, I constructed a new CSR index using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Here, I showed that there are corporate leaders and laggards of CSR and suggested policies that reward the leaders and penalize the laggards. The second research chapter focused on corporate elites and used network analysis to show that central corporations are more likely to be socially and environmentally responsible. This paper is currently under review in Global Networks, a leading network studies journal. My last chapter adopted the institutional logics perspective to investigate whether the logics of sustainability, innovation, and profitability can co-exist in a transnational corporation. Overall, my dissertation investigated corporate sustainability behavior, which has become an essential strategy for minimizing risks and maximizing market stability. In the future, I plan to further continue this line of research by focusing on which types of corporations and board compositions lead to higher sustainability scores. In particular, I am interested in board tenure and CEO duality. I hypothesize that the power structure of the board has a significant effect on CSR scores.

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